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To Us Who are Anxious

Lee So-yoon

3min Korea 2020


My upbringing has not differed much from most other Korean kids my age. I listened to my elders, studied hard, and focused on acing the college entrance exams instead of thinking about what I wanted in life. After getting into university, I worked hard to get good grades in the blind faith that “If I run as fast as others, I’ll be on the right track.” Then the coronavirus pandemic broke out. The situation so far has instilled fear into all of our lives. I live in anxiety everyday now. Yet, the novel virus is not the only thing that makes me anxious. I’m worried about my upcoming graduation and my life after that. I know the blind faith that I’ve been holding onto will get me nowhere. I’ve started thinking for myself. What can I do in the face of such unstable and uncertain times ahead?


Lee So-yoon

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