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Find the Root of Green Onion

Jo Eun-hye

3min Korea 2020


“Will you love each other until your hair turns grey?” Grey hair is a sign of aging. For young people in their 20s and 30s, what does grey hair signify? I got my first grey hair at age 27. Since then, I’ve noticed other people’s grey hair too. The stress of working or trying to get a job has given many young people greys. Those with premature grey hair struggle to get rid of it. Society perceives dark hair as healthy and grey hair as pitiful. Getting my hair dyed frequently puts a strain on my wallet. So, I speak to other people with grey hair. How did they come to gracefully accept their greys without trying to get rid of them? Grey hair is still hair, and we must focus on the suffering of the younger generation and the negative images associated with grey hair. It’s time to re-write my oath: “Will you love me even with my grey hair?”


Jo Eun-hye

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