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Ljubomir Stefanov Tamara Kotevska

85min Macedonia 2019 Korean Premiere

#여성 # 환경 # 휴먼


In a deserted Macedonian village, Hatidze, a 50-something woman, trudges up a hillside to check her bee colonies nestled in the rocks. One day, an itinerant family installs itself next door. Hatidze welcomes the camaraderie, and she holds nothing back—not her tried-and-true beekeeping advice, not her affection, not her special brandy. But soon Hussein, the itinerant family’s patriarch, makes a series of decisions that could destroy Hatidze’s way of life forever.


Ljubomir Stefanov

Honeyland (2019)

Tamara Kotevska

Honeyland (2019)

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