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EBS Prime Pitch

EBS Prime Pitch is EBS special commissioning presentation to support distinctive world-class content for Korean and international filmmakers and producers. EBS team will select middle-length documentaries to meet the strand’s objectives, EBS Docu-Prime. Out of 6 finalists, 4 winning teams will get a licensor fee, KRW 20,000,000 on each, and must broadcast their films in EBS within a year.


    • O EBS Docu-prime Special Commissioning Project
    • Total commissioning amount : 80,000,000 KRW
    • Number of final selections : 4 projects (20,000,000 KRW on each)
    • ※ The commissioning amount and the number of recipients will be decided by the EBS Docu-prime commissioner through the pitch.
    • O Commissioning Conditions
      • • Recipients must submit the approximately 55-minute-long documentaries to be broadcasted on EBS Docu-prime within one year after contracting.
      • • ‘EBS’ should be credited to the final master with logos.
    • O Selection Process
      • • All written applications will be reviewed by the selection committee. (As need, interviews shall be required.)
      • ※ Project teams get 15 minutes total for their presentation; the pitch, including visual materials such as a trailer, lasts 7 minutes; the following 8 minutes are set aside for feedback from the panel.
      • ※ A presentation of international participants will be translated into English sequentially.
      • ※ Applications in EBS-Prime Pitch are separately selected by the EBS’s team, so the applicants may be eligible to apply for other pitch programs and to be awarded with a single project.

      • • Middle-length documentaries (referred as EBS version)
      • • Korean directors and producers OR international co-production projects with Korean partners
      • • International projects without Koreans are eligible to apply
      • ※ For international participants, the airfare and accommodations for ONE of the team will be supported.

      3. HOW TO APPLY

      • 12Th June (17:00, Korean Standard Time) is a submission deadline
        ※ The deadline strictly enforced and expire at 17:00 Korean Standard Time on the designated date.
      • Check on the application guidelines at the<Submission>page > Download and complete the required documents > Submit all applications to EIDF Industry by e-mail (pitching.academy@gmail.com)
        ※ Please, attach a trailer file with mp4 format in the e-mail.
      • O Required Documents
      • A personal Information consent form[in the form attached]
      • An entry form (including the participation agreement) [in the form attached]
      • A proposal (well written, clear proposals with synopsis, director’s note, treatment, production schedule, budget, financial plan, filmography, and soon, in max. 10 pages)
      • 3 stills from the project
      • A trailer (up to 3 minutes in the 1920*1080, MP4 format)
      • An EIDF Budget Template [in the form attached]
      • ※ Applicants for both H!-Docs Pitch and EBS Prime Pitch with a single project only submit the H!-Docs Pitch Budget template.
      • ※ Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant.
      • ※ If the applicant doesn’t use the designated forms or submit all required documents, applications may be excluded from the selection process.


      • • It would be possible to extend the delivery date for up to one year with a prior agreement with the EBS team.
      • • The master delivery is delayed without any notice, the fee paid must be returned.
      • • The production teams must resolve copyright issues before the delivery.
      • • Recipients will have a contract with the EBS Docu-prime team within 1 month after the announcement.

      5. CONTACT

      • EIDF Industry Team
      • * Inquiries on contracting: +EBS Docu-prime Team
      • EBS Prime Pitch is organized by EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF) & EBS.