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KOCCA-EIDF Pitch is specially designed for the projects at the early stage of the production, under 30% or less. With cash prizes, ranging from KRW 5,000,000 to KRW 20,000,000, supported by KOCCA (Korea Creative Contents Agency), the program is intended to strengthen projects in the development stage. This pitch is open to all Korean and international projects working with Korean partners.


    • O Total amount of prizes : 50,000,000KRW
    • O Number of recipients : 5 projects
      •  (ONE excellent project will be granted with 20,000,000KRW,
      •  10,000,000KRW for each of TWO projects, 5,000,000KRW for each of TWO projects.)
    • ※ The funding amount and the number of recipients will be decided by Korean and international judges through pitches.
    • O Prize Conditions
      • • ‘EIDF Industry’ and ‘KOCCA’ should be credited on the final works with logos.
      • • The recipient of an Excellent project should offer the “First Look Option” to EIDF. It’s a priority option to check the rough cut for 2021 EIDF’s screening withKorean premiere. (The delivery date can be extended one more year with prior agreement.)
    • O Pitch Details
      • • All written applications will be reviewed by the selection committee. (As need, interviews shall be required.)
      •   - Selection criteria: Potential of production realization (25points), Material novelty (25points), Adequacy of budget (25points), Crew competency (25points)
      • • Project teams get 15 minutes total for their presentation; the pitch, including visual materials such as a trailer, lasts 7 minutes; the following 8 minutes are set aside for feedback from the panel.
      •   - Selection criteria: Subject matter (25points), Story structure (25points), Production planning (25points), Market potential (25points)
      • ※ Selection criteria may be subject to change.
      • ※ Winning teams will be selected by five judges consisting of Korean and international experts.
      • ※ Winning projects will be announced at the EIDF’s closing ceremony.


    • • Feature-length documentaries in the development stage or in the production stage under 30% or less
    • • Korean directors and producers or international co-production projects with Korean-nationality producers or directors
    • ※ The project must NOT have received the national grants or the Broadcasting Development Funds in Korea with thewhole amount of the totalbudget to produce at least one documentary.


    • 12Th June (17:00, Korean Standard Time) is a submission deadline
      ※ The deadline strictly enforced and expire at 17:00 Korean Standard Time on the designated date.
    • Check on the application guidelines at the<Submission>page > Download and complete the required documents > Submit all applications to EIDF Industry by e-mail (pitching.academy@gmail.com)
      ※ Please, attach a trailer file with mp4 format in the e-mail.
    • O Required Documents
    • A personal Information consent form[in the form attached]
    • An entry form (including the participation agreement) [in the form attached]
    • A proposal (well written, clear proposals with synopsis, director’s note, treatment, production schedule, budget, financial plan, filmography, and soon, in max. 10 pages)
    • 3 stills from the project
    • A trailer (up to 3 minutes in the 1920*1080, MP4 format)
    • An EIDF Budget Template [in the form attached]
    • ※ Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant.
    • ※If the applicant doesn’t use the designated forms or submit all required documents, applications may be excluded from the selection process.


    • • The projects to apply must not have been released.
    • • Finalists must attend the pitching event and its preparation during the industry.
    • • If false information is found in submitted documents, the application will be canceled and the applicants are disqualified to apply for the programs for the following three years. (Cash prizes must be returned.)
    • • If an entry is found to infringe on the copyright, the award may be canceled, cash prize may be taken back, and legal actions may be taken in the civil or criminal court.
    • • If an entry has a potential for defamation or obscene, violent, or illegal information during the whole process, the entry can be excluded from the selection process, its selection may be canceled, or cash prize may be taken back.
    • • If a crew of the production team has sentenced a guilty of a sexual crime (including under investigation), the team will be disqualified to apply. After the project’s selections, the crew with a sexual crime history must be excluded from the production. If the person is the representative of the work (e.g., the company CEO and the copyright holder), the cash prize will be taken back.
    • • If selected, to complete designated forms, including a pledge to eradicate wage delinquency, is required and the cash amount will be granted after deducting the withholding tax by Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).
    • • The completed works may be used for promotional purposes at events held by KOCCA and EIDF.
    • • The above details may be changed depending on its situation.

    5. CONTACT

    • EIDF Industry Team
    • KOCCA-EIDF Pitch is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, organized by EBS(EBS International Documentary Festival) & Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA)