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EIDF Industry is the Korean documentary forum to support outstanding documentary projects with diverse funding bodies, to provide networking opportunities with Korean professionals, and to nurture an independent documentary scene with a global outlook.




EBS Prime Pitch


  • - We are looking for feature documentaries (more than 60 minutes), ready to be presented to financiers, through pitches. Projects should be at an advanced development, in production, or early post-production stage.
  • - Projects for EBS Prime Pitch should have the potential for a minimum of 55 minutes running time on any theme to be broadcasted on the EBS documentary strand.
  • - Each applicant can apply up to two programs with a single project; one in academy programs and one in pitch programs. * EBS Prime Pitch is exceptional.
  • - Each applicant can apply for a maximum of two projects to all programs.
  • - An international team can apply to H!-Docs Pitch(A-project), KOCCA-EIDF Pitch, and EBS Prime Pitch, but the funding recipients should be Korean partners except EBS Prime Pitch. For the team without Korean partners, EIDF industry team will give a chance to meet Korean producers for potential collaboration.
  • - The selection process of EBS-Prime Pitch will separately go on by the EBS’s team, so all applicants may be eligible to apply to other pitch programs with the same project. (International filmmakers can apply to this pitch without Korean partners.)
  • ※ Please check the attached guidelines for details.


12Th June (17:00, Korean Standard Time) is a submission deadline.
 Exceptionally, <The First Cut> will be close on 28th June 2020, 17:00(KST).  

  • Check on the application guidelines at the top of the page > Download and fill out the required documents > Submit all applications to EIDF Industry by e-mail (pitching.academy@gmail.com)
  • ※ Submissions are only accepted by e-mail.
  • ※ Please, attach a trailer file with mp4 format in the e-mail.


  • For all applicants
  • A personal Information consent form [in the form attached]
  • An entry form (including the participation agreement) [in the form attached]
  • A proposal (well written, clear proposals with synopsis, director’s note, treatment, production schedule, budget, financial plan, filmography, and so on, in max. 10 pages)
  • 3 stills from the project
  • A trailer (up to 3 minutes in the 1920*1080, MP4 format)
  • Additional documents for applicants for Global Pitching Academy
  • ② A personal statement form [in the form attached]
  • Additional documents for applicants for The First Cut
  • ② A personal statement form [in the form attached]
  • ⑥ A link to the rough cut (Maximum 2 hours cut with a storyline)
  • Additional documents for applicants for H!-Docs Pitch
  • ⑥ H!-Docs Pitch Budget template [in the form attached]
  • Additional documents for applicants for KOCCA-EIDF or EBS Prime Pitch
  • EIDF Budget template [in the form attached]
  • ※ Download Forms
  • ※ Applicants for both H!-Docs Pitch and EBS Prime Pitch with a single project only submit the H!-Docs Pitch Budget template.


  • FINALISTS Announcement for industry programs: July 2020
    EIDF Industry: 17th ~ 23th August 2020
  • ※ Time slots will be confirmed in May


  • - For international participants, the airfare and accommodations for ONE of the team will be supported.
  • - Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants.
  • - If the applicant does NOT use the designated forms or submit all required documents, the applications may be excluded from the selection process.
  • - The finalists MUST attend the pitching event and the preparatory pitch workshop during the industry.
  • - All details mentioned above may be changed depending on the industry’s situation.

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