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Jury & Awards

Festival Choice(Competition): Global Juries

  • Jane Ray

    Jane Ray

    Jane Ray is the Consultant Artistic Director for The Whickers, which supports emerging documentary-makers in film, TV and audio. Using the generous legacy of pioneering broadcaster Alan Whicker, they fund and empower talent who might not otherwise find their place in this competitive industry. She is also a multi-award winning documentary maker and executive producer in radio and television. Her awards range from the Sony Award for best news programme (2002) and the TRIC award for best children’s programme (1993) to China’s Golden Kapok award for best director (2014). Having spent 29 years at the BBC, she worked with Alan Whicker in the 1990s and in 2015 got the call to help set up the foundation we now know as The Whickers. She wrote and directed Radio 4’s archive programme about Alan: Around the World in 80 years.

  • Yi Seung-Jun

    Yi Seung-Jun

    Yi Seung-Jun began his career in documentary filmmaking with Unseen War: Report on Bihar (1999). His directorial credits include: Children of God (2008, Jeonju International Film Festival NETPAC Award), Planet of Snail (2011, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, IDFA) Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary, EIDF UNICEF and Audience Awards), Wind on the Moon (2014, EIDF UNICEF Award), Crossing Beyond (2018, Official Film of the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games) and Shadow Flowers (2019, DMZ International Documentary Film Festival Best Korean Documentary Award). His 2018 film In the Absence won the Grand Jury Prize in the DOC NYC’s shorts competition and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary(Short Subject) at the 92nd Academy Awards.

  • Jee Hye-won

    Jee Hye-won

    Jee Hye-won’s career as a documentary film director spans 25 years. She was awarded the Gold Medal at the New York TV & Film Festival and the ABU Perspective Award for her work Mom and Clarinet (2015). Her 2016 film Singing with Angry Bird was invited to over 26 international film festivals including the Sheffield Doc/Fest and the IDFA, and won the BCM Asia Documentary Awards Grand Prize. Jee is the director of Coming to You, Minu, which opened the 2018 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival.

  • Choi Pyeongsoon

    Choi Pyeongsoon

    Choi Pyeong-soon specializes in producing documentaries about environmental and ecological issues. In 2010, Choi directed a documentary about plastics. Since joining EBS in 2011, he has planned and directed a number of TV programs including Our Sole Earth and This Is Wildlife. His film about an ape named Gibbon, The Singing Ape, Gibbon was invited to the International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF) and the Vaasa Wildlife Festival in 2017. His 2019 work Anthropocene: Finding the Evidence was selected to compete at the Science Film Festival (SFF) and the Cinema Verde International Environmental Film & Arts Festival. He currently works as a researcher at KAIST’s Center for Anthropocene Studies while directing the 5-part documentary series The Sixth Extinction.

Festival Choice(Competition): Asia Juries

  • Kim Ilrhan

    Kim Ilrhan

    Kim Ilrhan is a documentary film director; she is a member of the media activism group Pinks that blows the whistle on various cases of human rights violations and conveys the voices of minorities on screen. Kim’s directorial credits include: 3xFTM—a film about transgender men, Two Doors—a film that tracks down the legal proceedings of the Yongsan tragedy, and its sequel The Remnants which deals with the victims of the Yongsan tragedy.

  • Kim Hoon Seok

    Kim Hoon Seok

    Kim Hoon Seok has been working at EBS since 1997—planning, directing, and producing various programs such as Portrait of Our Times, Passing on My Knowledge to Others, Architectural Research: House, and Docuprime episodes There Is A Lot to Love in Seoul and Family Shock. Kim has won numerous awards including the Korean Communication Commission Broadcasting Award (Best Program), the Korea Broadcasting Award (Best Program), and the Korea Producer Award (Experimental Spirit Award). He is currently chief director of the E-Documentary Production Department at EBS.

  • Grace Lee

    Grace Lee

    Grace Lee is a Los Angeles-based director of fiction and non-fiction film. Most recently she directed and produced And She Could Be Next,a documentary series about women of color transforming American politics. She was also a producer/director on Asian Americans. Previous credits include the Peabody Award-winning American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs, the Emmy-nominated Makers: Women in Politics for PBS, K-Town 92’, Off the Menu: Asian America, and The Grace Lee Project. She is a co-founder of the Asian American Documentary Network, a national filmmaker-led collective and a member of the Documentary Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

  • Mark Siemund

    Mark Siemund

    In the early 1990s, Mark Siegmund, a native of the Eastern German city of Leipzig, began his career at an independent cinema project. In 1996, he joined Cinémathèque Leipzig as managing director and co-programmer. After he moved to South Korea mid 2000s, he started working at Seoul Film Commission’s int’l department. Here, he and his team were in charge of co-funding more than 50 international documentaries. In 2015, he curated the ‘Country Focus South Korea’ at DOK Leipzig, and was working as program advisor for East Asia till 2018. Currently Mark is working as production manager and coordinator for international and Korean documentaries. He worked on programs for NPO, BBC, ARTE, ZDF, MDR, BR, Discovery Networks Asia Pacific as well as for KBS, EBS and MBC in Korea.

Preliminary Juries

  • Lee Seungmin

    Lee Seungmin

    Lee Seung Min is a film critic, researcher, and university lecturer who specializes in documentary films. Her publications include Korean Documentary Today (co-authored), Asian Documentary Today (co-authored), and Film and Space.

  • Jeong Minah

    Jeong Minah

    Jeong Minah is a professor in the Department of Theater and Film at Sungkyul University, a film critic, an advisor for EIDF and the Film Festival for Women’s Rights, and an editor for Extreme Movie—a website specializing in cinema. Jeong has served as a judge for a number of film festivals including the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), the Seoul Independent Film Festival (SIFF), the Buil Film Awards, and the Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival. Her publications include Korean Cinema between Liberation and War, Han Suk-kyu: An Ordinary Actor Who Presents Us with Memories, and Korean Documentary Today. She translated The Matrix of Visual Culture: Working with Deleuze in Film Theory by Patricia Pisters and Filmcraft: Production Design by Fionnuala Halligan into Korean.

  • Jo Ji-hoon

    Jo Ji-hoon

    During his time at the Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) as a programmer, Jo Ji-hoon planned and launched the Jeonju Project Market, the Short! Short! Short program, and the Jeonju Digital Project, and then served as the executive producer of the Jeonju Project Market. Jo was previously a member of the executive committee and producer at the Asian documentary project market Docs Port Incheon—of which he was also a co-founder. He has been invited to serve as a judge for some 20 film festivals in Korea and abroad. He currently works for the Muju Film Festival as a programmer and vice-chair of the executive committee, the Warsaw International Film Festival as senior program advisor, and the documentary magazine DOCKING as an editor.

Mobile Shorts Competition Juries

  • Huh Nam-woong

    Huh Nam-woong

    Huh Nam-woong worked as a film journalist for the online newspaper Ddanzi and the weekly magazine Film 2.0. Huh was previously the programmer at the Seoul Art Cinema. Currently, he appears on a number of media platforms as a film critic and journalist—including the radio program Heo Ji-woong Show (SBS3), the podcast channel Nangman Bookstore, and the YouTube channel Saekcine. He regularly writes for Naver and Yes24.

Extreme Shorts Competition "In the Time of Covid-19" Juries

  • Jason Bechervaise

    Jason Bechervaise

    Originally from the UK, Jason Bechervaise is a Professor in the Department of Entertainment & Arts Management at Soongsil Cyber University. He has also taught film at other colleges including Hanyang University in Seoul where he completed his Ph.D. in film and wrote his thesis on the work of Bong Joon Ho. He is also an active film critic and writes for the British trade publication Screen International, and has also contributed to various other outlets including KBS World, The Korea Times, tbs eFM, EBS and Arirang TV.

  • Chung Woo-chung

    Chung Woo-chung

    Chung Woo-chung earned a Master’s Degree in Cinema Studies, New York University. Since 1997, Chung has worked for various film festivals including Busan International Film Festival (Publications Editor), Udine Far East Film Festival (Korean Cinema Coordinator), Sapporo International Short Film Festival (Korean Cinema Programmer), Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (Programmer), and DMZ Docs (Programmer). In 2013, she established a film company, METAPLAY, where distributed various independent films including The Running Actress (2016). Chung is currently a festival director of a food-themed film festival, Seoul International Food Film Festival, launched in 2015.

Extreme Shorts Competition "In the Time of Covid-19" Juries

  • Kwak Eun-bee / Kim Na-jung / Kim Seok-tae / Kim Jin-su / Kim Tae-ho / Park Ji-sun / Ahn Hyun-jung / Woo Jin-so / l Lee In-ju / Lee Hye-jin / Lim Yeon-ju

EIDF2020 Awards

Festival Choice(Competition): Global

  • Grand Prix : KRW 10,000,000
  • Special Jury Award : KRW 7,000,000
  • Audience Award : KRW 4,000,000

Festival Choice(Competition): Asia

  • Grand Prix(Documentary Goyang Award) : KRW 10,000,000
  • Special Jury Award : KRW 7,000,000
  • Audience Award : KRW 4,000,000

Mobile Shorts Competition

  • Grand Prize : KRW 3,000,000
  • Second Prize (2 Films) : KRW 1,000,000 each

Extreme Shorts Competition "In the Time of Covid-19"

  • First Prize : KRW 2,000,000
  • Second Prize (2 Films) : KRW 1,000,000 each