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EIDF History

This year marks the 17th anniversary of the EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF).

Documentary as a medium reflects the zeitgeist of today’s society, documents the different lives people lead, and reveals truth. With that in mind, EIDF hopes to give audiences an opportunity to better reflect on our society and our lives. It also intends to contribute to overcoming the difficulties we face now with the global pandemic COVID-19 pandemic, as well as enjoy outstanding documentaries. Held under the theme, of In Docs, Back to the Ordinary! the festival will present a time to heal; people can learn about the value of ordinary moments in their lives and gain strength to begin again.

The 7-day festival is the best platform to enjoy documentaries through TV broadcasting. It also includes the Global Pitching Academy following last year’s introduction, the EIDF-Goyang Mobile Shorts Competition, and the new Industry Program for identifying and supporting young filmmakers. Of course, do not miss our community outdoor screening program, which will be held at Ilsan Lake Park.

  • 2020

    The17th EIDF
    "In Docs, Back to the Ordinary"

    Aug.17(Mon) - Aug. 23(Sun)
    941 films(71 Countries)
    69 Official Selection (30 Countries)
    Award Winners
    Grand Prix - <Cinema Pameer> Dir. Martin von Krogh
    Special Jury Award - <499> Dir. Rodrigo Reyes
    Audience Award - <How Big Is the Galaxy?> Dir. Ksenia Elyan
    Grand Prix - <Welcome to X-World> Dir. Han Tae ee
    Special Jury Award - <None of Your Business> Dir. Kamran Heidari
    Audience Award - <Daughter of the Light> Dir. Khashem Gyal
    [Mobile Shorts Competition]
    First Prize - <O> Dir. Na Seon-hye, Hwang Hye-jin
    Second Prize - <The Existence of Variables> Dir. Kang Hye-won, <Find the Root of Green Onion> Dir. Jo Eun-hye
    [Extreme Shorts Competition "In the Time of COVID-19"]
    First Prize - <Missing Ordinary Life> Dir. Lee Woo-yeol, Jeon Han-bit
    Second Prize - <Job Interview in COVID-19> Dir. Cha Hyun-jun, <Our Second Fridge> Dir. Baek Sae-eun
    [Global Pitching Academy]
    <To Be Myself> <Violinmaker, Joon> <The Long-Lost Painting> <11-year-old Witnesses> <Goyo in Auroville>
    [The First Cut]
    <206 Unearthed> <I AM MORE> <Dear Small Bird and Mr.Pig> <Saving a Dragonfly> <Queer My Friends>
    [H!-Docs Pitch]
    Industry Choice Award (K-project) - <My Missing Aunt> Dir. Juyeon Yang, <Queer My Friends> Dir. Ahhyun Seo
    Industry Choice Award (A-project) - <Mom of the Ring> Dir. Yue Wu
    Bright Future Award (K-project) - <My Name is KIM> Dir. Sueun Jung, <Fourteen Masters> Dir. Minwon Seo
    Bright Future Award (A-project) - <Touch the Color> Dir. Baby Ruth Villarama, <Ayena (MIRROR)> Dir. Siddhant Sarin
    [KOCCA-EIDF Pitch]
    Industry Choice Award - <Mother Youngsoon> Dir. Changjun Lee
    Bright Future Award - <Between the Mentality and the Brain> Dir. Hei Kim, <The Night of the Factory girls> Dir. Geonhee Kim
    New Vision Award - <Maid’s Room> Dir. Yoora Hong, <Being a Politician for Dummies> Dir. Ilha Lee
    [EBS Prime Pitch]
    <Merry go round> Dir. Jeonghwa Shin, <Dragon Women> Dir. Frederique de Montblanc, <Epic of a Stone> Dir. Sean Wang, <The Hornbill Lady> Dir. Wasawan Rongdet
  • 2019

    The 16th EIDF
    "Documentary – Lighting the World"

    Aug. 17(Sat) - Aug. 25(Sun), 2019
    1,123 films (80 Countries)
    73 Official Selection (34 Countries)
    Award Winners
    Gradn Prix - <Honeyland> Dir. Ljubomir Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska
    Documentary Goyang Award - <Selfie> Dir. Agostino Ferrente
    Special Jury Award - <Leftover Women> Dir. Shosh Shlam, Hilla Medalia
    Audience Award - <Women of the Gulag> Dir. Marianna Yarovskaya
    World Vision Special Award - <My Little Dancing Shoes> Dir. Bryan Kristoffer J. Brazil
    [Mobile Shorts Competition]
    First Prize - <My Mom and Clothes> Dir. Koo Sungwon
    Second Prize - <Adopt a Mixed Breed Dog> Dir. Park Marisol, <Don’t Release the Fish> Dir. Ji Woongbae
    [Global Pitching Academy]
    <Talent Show>, <Maid's Room>, <A Love Story: Nation and Me>, <Lady Trash>, <I Play to Win!>
    [KOCCA-EIDF Documentary Fund]
    Grand Prize - <My Genie>
    Excellence Prize - <Queer My Friends> <Colour of the Wind>
    Participation Prize - <Fanatic> <Wind of Change>
  • 2018

    The 15th EIDF
    "Documentary - Right to Fight"

    Aug. 20st (Mon) - Aug. 26th (Sun) 2018
    1,025 films (81 Countries)
    73 Official Selection (33 Countries)
    Award Winners
    Gradn Prix - <The Distant Barking of Dogs> Dir. Simon Lereng WILMONT
    Documentary Goyang Award - <Stronger Than a Bullet> Dir. Maryam EBRAHIMI
    Special Jury Award - <Immortals in the Village> Dir. YU Guangyi
    Audience Award - <Women of the Gulag> Dir. Marianna Yarovskaya
    World Vision Special Award - <Kids on the Silk Road> Dir. Jens J.V. PEDERSEN
    [Mobile Shorts Competition]
    First Prize - <Fireworks> Dir. JEONG Han
    Second Prize - <One Day> Dir. YU Hyun-joung, JEONG Sae-byeol, KIM Set-byel, <Not Forever> Dir. LEE Chae-young
    [Global Pitching Academy]
    <Queer My Friends>, <I Wanna Give Bride>, <Endless, Nameless>, <My Missing Aunt>, <Penis Propaganda>, <RED BLOOD>
  • 2017

    The 14th EIDF
    "Plugging into the World"

    Aug. 21st (Mon) - Aug. 27th (Sun) 2017
    1,168 films (78 Countries)
    70 Official Selection (24 Countries)
    Award Winners
    Gradn Prix <Family in the Bubble> Dir. Ma Minji
    Spirit Award <The Grown Ups> Dir. Maite Alberdi
    Special Jury Award <A Young Girl in Her Nineties> Dir. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Dir. Yann Coridian
    Audience Award (Goyang Award) <A Young Girl in Her Nineties> Dir. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Dir. Yann Coridian
    [Mobile Shorts Competition] Second Prize <Juvenile, 304, Contact Log> Dir. YOO JaeRyong <Unusual Couple in London> Dir. Mr.Park, <Film Moments> Dir. PAIK Jongkwan
    [EIDF Documentary Fund] (Full-length film) <Where Is My Friend? > Dir. Kim Byoung Soo <Speed of happiness> Dir. PARK Hyuckjee, <The Disco Star> Dir. LEE Juho (Short film) <Welcome to X-world > Dir. HAN Tae Ee, <Shaping Trout> Dir. HEO Seong <Sisters graduated from film school and I > Dir. HER Yoon Soo
  • 2016

    The 13th EIDF
    "Plugging into the World"

    Aug. 22nd ~ 28th, 2016
    1,058 films (79 countries)
    53 Official Selection (30 countries) - TV Broadcast 44 films / Theatrical 47films
    Award Winners
    Grand Prix <Natural Disorder> (Directed by Christian Sønderby Jepsen)
    Spirit Award <GULÎSTAN, Land of Roses> (Directed by Zaynê Akyol)
    Special Jury Award <Holy Cow>(Directed by Imam Hasanov)
    Audience Award <GULÎSTAN, Land of Roses> (Directed by Zaynê Akyol)
    (Feature) <Tears of Elephant Boy> Directed by PARK, Hwan-Sung, <Way to Mustang> Directed by Hyungmin Jung,
    <The Road of Shaman> Directed by Choi Sang Jin, <How do they get here?> Directed by ShckhAlmamun

    (Short) <Dangsan> Directed by Geonhee Kim, <On Such A Full Sea> Directed by Taeho Lee
  • 2015

    the 12th EIDF
    "Connetcing With the World"

    Aug. 24th ~ 30th, 2015
    805 films (81 countries)
    52 films (TV Broadcast 46 films)
    Award Winners
    Grand Prix <Tea Time> (Directed by Maite Alberdi)
    Spirit Award <Dance with Montaigne> (Directed by Lee Eun-ji)
    Special Jury Award <Placebo>(Directed by Abhay Kumar)
    Audience Award <Almost There> (Directed by Dan Rybicky / Aaron Wickenden)
  • 2014

    the 11th EIDF
    "Hope Lies Within US"

    Aug. 25th ~ 31st, 2014
    781 films (82 countries)
    52 films (TV Broadcast 38 films)
    Award Winners
    Festival Choice Grand Prix
    <Return to Homs> (Directed by Talal Derki)
    Spirit Award <Tomorrow We Disappear> (Directed by Jimmy Goldblum, Adam Weber)
    Special Jury Award <Ariel>(Directed by Laura Bari)
    UNICEF Award <Wind on the Moon> (Directed by Yi Seung-Jun)
    Audience Award <112 Weddings> (Directed by Doug Block)
  • 2013

    the 10th EIDF
    "Truth Let It Be Heard"

    Oct. 18th (Fri) ~ Oct. 25th (Fri) , 2013
    756 films (91 countries)
    54 films (TV Broadcast 38 films)
    Award Winners
    Festival Choice Grand Prix
    <Which Way Is the Frontline from Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington> (Directed by Sebastian Junger)
    Spirit Award <The Gatekeepers> (Directed by Dror Moreh)
    Special Jury Award <Buzkashi!>(Directed by Najeeb Mirza)
    UNICEF Award <Fallen City> (Directed by Qi Zhao)
    Audience Award <Where Is My Son?> (Directed by Ahn Chaimin)
    EIDF Documentary Fund
    (Feature) <The Small Restaurant of Kim Alex: Tashkent in Ansan> Directed by Kim Jeong
    (Short) <Hialeah> Directed by Oh Min-wook / <Inside of Schools> Directed By Won Hae Soo
  • 2012

    the 9th EIDF
    "Play the World"

    Aug. 17th (Fri) ~ Aug. 24th (Fri) , 2012
    710 films (82 countries)
    54 films (TV Broadcast 43 films)
    Award Winners
    Festival Choice Grand Prix <Private Universe> (Directed by Helena Trestikova)
    Edu Choice Grand Prix <In My Mother’s Arms> (Directed by Mohamed Jabarah Al Daradji)
    Spirit Award <High Tech, Low Life> (Directed by Stephen Maing)
    Special Jury Award <Going up the Stairs>(Directed by Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami)
    UNICEF Award <Inocente> (Directed by Andrea Nix Fine Sean Fine)
    Audience Award <The Reluctant Revolutionary> (Directed by Sean McAllister)
    EIDF Documentary Fund
    (Feature) <바람처럼, 예지와 나> Yi Seung-Jun / <Where Is My Son?> Chaimin Ahn
    (Short) <부채와 알사탕> HUR Yongji / <Welcome to Playhouse> KIM SooVin
    <Drawing Today> Gl Jella
  • 2011

    the 8th EIDF
    "Be the voice"

    Aug. 19th ~ Aug. 25th, 2011
    664 films (83 countries)
    51 films (TV Broadcast 43 films)
    Award Winners
    Festival Choice Grand Prix <Marathon Boy> Gemma Atwal
    Issues in Education Grand Prix<World Class Kids> Netta Loevy
    Spirit Award <The Green Wave> Ali Samadi Ahadi
    Special Jury Award <The Castle> Massimo D’anolfi, Martina Parenti
    Audience Award <Marathon Boy> Gemma Atwal
    UNICEF Award <How Are You Doing Rudolf Ming?> Roberts Rubins
    EIDF Documentary Fund
    (Feature) <My Father's E-mails> HONG Jae-hee
    (Short) <RAZ on Air> Yi Okseop /<The Struggle for Sprouting> CHOI Moon Sun
  • 2010

    the 7th EIDF
    "Flying Over"

    Aug. 23th ~ 29th, 2010
    536 films (65 countries)
    49 films (TV Broadcast 49 films)
    Award Winners
    Grand Prix <Last Train Home> Lixin Fan
    Spirit Award <Disco and Atomic War> Jaak Kilmi
    Special Jury Award <Space Tourists> Christian Frei
    Audience Award <Planet of Snail> Yi Seung-Jun
    UNICEF Award <Planet of Snail> Yi Seung-Jun
    EIDF Documentary Fund
    <Bittersweet Joke> PAIK Yeon Ah
  • 2009

    the 6th EIDF
    "Earth! Where we live!"

    Sep. 21th ~ 27th, 2009
    349 films (57 countries)
    50 films (TV Broadcast 50 films)
    Award Winners
    Grand Prix <Unmistaken Child> Nati Baratz
    Spirit Award <Apology of an Economic Hit Man> Stelios Koul
    Special Jury Award <Gaza-Sderot, Pre-War Chronicles> Serge Gordey Etc
    Audience Award <Unmistaken Child> Nati Baratz
    Honorable Mention <About Face: The Story of Gwendellin Bradshaw> Mary Rosanne Katzke
    <RiP: A Remix Manifesto> Brett Gaylor
    EIDF Documentary Fund <Planet of Snail> Yi Seung-Jun
  • 2008

    the 5th EIDF

    Sep. 22th ~ 28th, 2008
    310 films (56 countries)
    43 films (TV Broadcast 43 films)
    Award Winners
    Grand Prix <If We Knew> Petra Lataster-Czisch, Peter Lataster
    Spirit Award < The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins> Pietra Brettkelly
    Special Jury Award < Suddenly, Last Winter> Gustav Hofer, Luca Ragazzi
    Audience Award < Hear and Now> Irene Taylor Brodsky
    Honorable Mention < The Red Race> Chao Gan/< The Demons of Eden> Alejandra Islas
  • 2007

    the 4th EIDF
    "People to people, communication for coexistence"

    Aug. 27th ~ Sep. 2th, 2007
    292 films (74 countries)
    58 films (TV Broadcast 54 films)
    Award Winners
    Grand Prix < Puujee> Kazuya Yamada
    Spirit Award < The Cats of Mirikitani> Linda Hattendorf
    Special Jury Award <Shame> Mohammed Ali Naqvi
    Audience Award <To Live – Save Our Saemankum> Lee Kang-Gil
    Honorable Mention < Made in Korea: A One Way Ticket Seoul-Amsterdam?> In-Soo Radstake
  • 2006

    the 3rd EIDF
    "Prospering Asia, Reconciliation & Coexistence"

    Jul. 10th ~ 16th, 2006
    157 films (37 countries)
    83 films (TV Broadcast 83 films)
    Award Winners
    Grand Prix < Out of Bounds> Alexandre Leborgne, Pierre Barougier
    Spirit Award < Innocence> Nisa Kongsri & Areeya Chumsai
    Special Jury Award < Smiling in a War Zone> Simone Aaberg Kærns, Magnus Bejmar
    Audience Award < Our Own Private Bin Laden> Samira Goetschel
  • 2005

    the 2nd EIDF
    "Peace and life in Asia"

    Aug. 29th ~ Sep. 4th, 2005
    115 films (27 countries)
    98 films (TV Broadcast 94 films)
    Award Winners
    Grand Prix < Bunso ? The Youngest> Ditsi Carolino, Nana Buxani
    Spirit Award < Little Birds> Takeharu Watai
    Audience Award < School among Glaciers> Dorji Wangchuk
  • 2004

    the 1st EIDF
    "Challenging ASIA"

    Aug. 30th ~ Sep. 5th, 2004
    129 films (OO countries)
    129 films (TV Broadcast 99 films)
    Award Winners
    Grand Prix <Last House Standing> Chao Gan
    Excellence Award <Journeys> Vinayan Kodoth
    Audience Award <Mr. Cortisone, Happy Days> Shlomi Shir, Duki Dror