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Kristof Bilsen

82min Belgium, Netherlands 2019 Asian Premiere

#휴먼 # 가족 # 인권


In a small village in Thailand, Pomm takes care of Europeans with Alzheimer’s. Separated from her children, she helps Elisabeth during the final stages of her life, as a new patient arrives from Switzerland. Pomm and her patients are trying to recover the pieces of their lives that are gone, with love and kindness they will learn to care for each other.


Kristof Bilsen

Elephant’s Dream (2014) Three Women (2005)

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    • EEnglish Dialogue
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  • EBS 1TV 2019-08-22   |   12시 10분 12 NES
  • Gurumare Theater 2019-08-24   |   11시 00분 12 NES 예매하기

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