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The Other Side of Everything


104min Serbia, France, Qatar 2017 Asian Premiere

#여성 # 가족 # 정치


"If I really am a Freedom Fighter, the freedom I have won is the worst failure of my life" – Srbijanka TURAJLIC (my mother) A locked door inside a Belgrade apartment has kept one family separated from their past for over 70 years. As the filmmaker begins an intimate conversation with her mother, the political fault line running through their home reveals a house and a country haunted by history.



Mila’s first feature documentary, Cinema Komunisto played at over 80 festivals (Tribeca, IDFA, Hot Docs) and won 16 awards including the Gold Hugo and FOCAL International Award for Creative Use of Archival Footage. Since 2006 she is the director of Dribbling Pictures, a production company she founded with Boris MITIC. In 2015 became the first president of DokSerbia - the Association of Serbian Documentary Filmmakers.


The opening sequence of The Other Side of Everything introduces us to two important images(and also the protagonist). We're presented with an image of a building shrouded in the morning mist and a woman painstakingly cleaning the brass handle of a closed door. Constructed in central Belgrade in the late 1920s by the director's great-greatgrandfather, the building was later nationalized following the Communist Revolution of the 1940s and split into four households. It witnessed Serbia's historical upheavals throughout the 1990s including the civil war, the breakup of Yugoslavia, and the fight for democracy. The woman is the director's mother Srbijanka TURAJLIC, who used to be a university professor but was fired from her post due to her involvement in Serbia's democratization movement in the 1990s. The Other Side of Everything tells the story of one Serbian family across four generations, which is brought to life through Srbijanka's memories and testimonies. At the same time, the film poses a reflective question about the past and the future (the next generation) of Serbia. Srbijanka, with her courage and wisdom, challenges history as shaped by Serbia's nationalism, and creates a different version – 'herstory'. (BYUN Sungchan)

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