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When the War Comes


76min Czech Republic, Croatia 2018 Asian Premiere

#전쟁 # 인권 # 정치


At first glance, Peter lives the life of a typical European teenager – he lives with his parents, hasa pretty girlfriend, he got into college. However, his real life is else where – as the head of a paramilitary group called "Slovenskí Branci" that recruits hundreds of Slovak teenagers with the silent approval of the authorities.



Jan GEBERT is a journalist and filmmaker. He graduated in History and Latin American studies from the Charles University in Prague. He also studied in Spain, USA and Mexico. In 2007 he received the Story of a Refugee Journalist Award from the UNHCR, in 2008 the European Commission's Journalist Award given as part of the campaign For Diversity, Against Discrimination. His film debut Stone Games(2012) premiered at the Jihlava IDFF and received a Special Jury Prize.

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A group of young men, more or less twenty years of age, are seen wearing military uniforms and sharing obscene jokes. Are they soldiers in training? In fact, they are members of a paramilitary group called 'Slovenskí Branci'. When the War Comes argues that these young men are not just playing at war. Rather, their behavior is symbolic of a widespread phenomenon throughout Europe. They claim to have put themselves forward to protect and preserve their country and fight against the ills of society. However, they uphold the idea of Slav unity, and thus resolutely exclude people of different races or religions. The group abides by strict rules and regulations, and is headed by a twentyyear- old who dreams of retaining his power for life. This is indeed part of the legacy of fascism that gave rise to the major tragedy of the 20th century. But the problem doesn't stop there. Extensive support from politicians, religious leaders and corporations only help the organization grow bigger, and young students get lectured in nationalism by those holding guns. Even so, the managerial level of the organization can only be described as vulgar. Their leader, Peter, does little to hide his political ambitions, proving that a man blinded by power is at once ridiculous and terrifying. The film seems to function as a fable about totalitarianism, and holds a mirror up to the undemocratic side of Western society. In the end, that is what makes the film all the more frightening. (LEE Yong Cheol)

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