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Maj Doris


73min Sweden, Norway 2018 Korean Premiere

#아트 # 여성 # 자연·환경 # 동물


Maj Doris is a documentary that follows the 74-yearold legendary Sámi woman Maj Doris RIMPI. Twenty years ago, she had another kind of life. She travelled all around the world and she experienced a lot. Nowadays Maj Doris lives alone on a farm above the Arctic Circle in Sweden. She keeps reindeers but shemins also a sought-after artist, painter and actress. Last winter was filled with hard work and she almost gave up. This winter Maj Doris gets help in an unexpected way, but does she have the energy to continue like this?



Jon BLÅHED(b.1987) was born and raised in Tornedalen, a part of the arctic region in Sweden. Jon has been working in the Swedish film industry for ten years, mostly as a First Assistant Director on feature films and TV series. Maj Doris is his first documentary and a close collaboration with the DP/Editor Jimmy SUNDIN.

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  • EBS 1TV 2018-08-20   |   21시 50분 12 NES
  • LOTTE CINEMA Hongdae 1 2018-08-22   |   13시 00분 G NES 예매하기
  • LOTTE CINEMA Hongdae 1 2018-08-24   |   16시 30분 G NES GV 예매하기


Seventy-four-year-old Maj Doris is a legendary Sámi artist and activist who has worked tirelessly for several decades to promote the cultural legacy of her people. The film is the result of observing her daily existence closely over the course of one year. Nowadays, Maj Doris lives alone in Parenjarka in northern Sweden, where she takes care of a herd of reindeer and shovels snow by herself. Indeed, keeping reindeer is part of her effort to preserve the indigenous Sámi culture. Yet, her life was never this simple. Twenty years ago, she was a cosmopolitan who eagerly travelled all around the world to raise awareness about the Sámi culture. However, last winter, when she'd made a film and held an exhibition, the tasks made life unbearably hectic for the elderly artist. The film presents an exquisitely beautiful portrait of her peaceful and lyrical life on her farm in the Arctic Circle. The sight of her snow-covered cottage shining in the midst of the Arctic aurora is enough to arouse poetic inspiration, and the accompanying music is almost mesmerizing. Nonetheless, the negative impact of climate change has already found its way into this tiny indigenous village. Shorter winters mean reindeer no longer stop by her house. What impact will this have on a woman with such a keen interest in the world and a longing for travel? Will she be ever able to regain her energy? (MAENG Soojin)

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