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Immortals in the Village

YU Guangyi

112min China 2017 Korean Premiere

#휴먼 # 자연·환경 # 인권


In a cold mountain village in northeastern China,when a peasant gets sick they invite the local shaman to do trance healing. In the village there is Shaman XU, a renowned shaman in the area who is almost 70-year-old. He had been a teacher in his youth and an accountant for a factory production team. In his later age, serving as a spirit medium became his profession. He beats his donkey-hide drum and sings ancient melodies, inviting all kind of spirits to come.


YU Guangyi

Born in 1961 in China province of Heilongjiang. A childhood love of drawing and painting led him to a career in the arts: he graduated from the China Academy of Art, and spent many years as a woodblock print artist. Representative works: Timber Gang, Survival Song, Bachelor Mountain.

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YU Guangyi's Immortals in the Village introduces us to a man known as Shaman Xu living in a poor village in northeastern China with other shamans and villagers. On an ordinary day, Shaman Xu works on his farm. However, when someone in the village gets sick, he performs shamanistic rituals to cure them, sometimes together with his colleagues, Shaman Nie and Shaman Cao. They used to work as teachers and doctors, but a certain spiritual experience turned each of them into shamans. Whenever villagers become ill or face death, they beat drums, sing and chant incantations. The three shamans may have different opinions about the rituals, but they still respect one another and maintain a harmonious community. Immortals in the Village takes an inquisitive look at the villagers in northeastern China and their shamanistic culture that serves as the foundation of their agricultural life. Sometimes through heartfelt interviews and sometimes through patient long-take shots, the film examines the meaning of shamanism in a rural village. The rituals in the film are far from flamboyant or mysterious. Rather, the simple and mundane practice of shamanism appears almost ridiculously folksy. Nonetheless, shamanistic rituals seem to represent a firm belief or principle that helps people sustain their way of life. (KIM Jungkoo)

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