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...When You Look Away


82min Denmark 2017

#EIDF2017 # 테크놀로지


…When You Look Away is a documentary that examines the subject of consciousness in terms of quantum physics in close collaboration with scientists at the Niels Bohr Institute. The film’s narrative form gives the audience the opportunity to follow a process where the results are not a presented beforehand, and it raises a series of basic scientific questions such as: What if basic causal relationships in the world don’t work like we think they do?



Educated at the National Film School of Denmark, a documentary filmmaker Phie Ambo is one of the leading Dan- ish film directors of her generation. With her tradition of poetic, personal and cinematic documentary film- making, she has won several awards for her feature length documentary films, such as Family (2001), Gambler (2005) and Mechanical Love (2007). Her films travel the world and have been screened in cinemas as well as over 90 festivals and on television. Good Things Await was the opening film of EIDF 2015.

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The new documentary of Danish director Phie Ambo … When You Look Away presents a fresh perspective on the strange and difficult subject of quantum mechan- ics and human consciousness. The beginning of the film is the ‘Double-slit’ experiment of quantum mechanics. Until now, science has been trying for a long time to discover whether the nature of light is particle or wave. However, according to the recent discussion of quan- tum mechanics in progress, light can exist as particles and waves. And it cannot be specified as either as the presence of the observer itself affects the results of the experiment. In other words, the film makes us doubt the methodology of quantum mechanics from the begin- ning, which we have been thinking as ‘common sense.’ …When You Look Away could have been a thought- ful documentary introducing quantum mechanics, if the director finished this documentary at this point. How- ever, the director boldly goes one step further and links this theory to human consciousness. To summarize, the film suggests that the individual consciousness, which we thought it belongs entirely to each person after Des- cartes, is influenced by the consciousness of another, or even the presence of other matter. For example, the presence of water surrounding us can change the state of mind of a human being. It’s hard to believe, but accord- ing to the director’s opinion, the reality is more magical than magic that happens. That is why the film tells us to abandon the stereotypes of today and to look at the so- called ‘supernatural’ phenomena with new eyes. Of course, it is still difficult to accept 100% of specific cases, such as ‘communication with the dead’, ‘inter- change between inanimate objects’, and ‘innovative farming method’ with only limited information. But at least, the film is fascinating as it presents a different view of the world and me. It is a work that has the power to turn the gaze to another place, just like the film title. (KIM Bonyun)

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