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Fire at Sea

Gianfranco ROSI

110min Italy / France 2015

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Samuele is 12 years old and lives on an island in the middle of the sea. He goes to school, loves shooting his slingshot and going hunting. He likes land games, even though everything around him speaks of the sea and the men, women and children who try to cross it to get to his island. But his is not an island like the others, its name is Lampedusa and it is the most symbolic border of Europe, crossed by thousands of migrants in the last 20 years in search of freedom.


Gianfranco ROSI

After attending university in Italy, he moves to New York in 1985 and graduates from the New York Uni- versity Film School. In 2008, Below Sea Level, shot in Slab City, California, wins the Orizzonti Award at the Venice Film Festival. The film also wins the Grand Prix and the Prix des Jeunes at the Cinéma du Réel fes- tival in 2009, the prize for best documentary at the One World Film Festival in Prague. In 2013, he makes the documentary feature, Sacro GRA, which wins the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival.

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Gianfranco Rosi is the hottest documentary filmmaker right now. After winning the Golden Lion at the Venice In- ternational Film Festival with Sacro GRA in 2013, he won the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival with Fire at Sea this year. Fire at Sea captures “the island of refugees and immigrants”, Lampedusa. An old lady of the fishing family asks the DJ to play “Fuocoammare (the original title of the film)”, wishing a good haul of fish for her son. The Mediterranean is the sea of life to them, but it is the sea of death for African refugees. More than 15,000 refugees lost their lives crossing the sea over the past 20 years, not making it to Lampedusa, the gateway to Europe. While many documentaries that deal with Lampedusa focus on the immigrants, Rosi spares more time on a boy and his family who lead a peaceful life regardless of the refugees. There is no one other than the old doctor who feels anger, helplessness, and anxiety due to the insoluble refugee crisis. We are not different from the boy’s family in ignoring the refugees who are fighting for their lives, but the film does not criticize us. Rosi draws a grand landscape by making a montage of people and nature. The landscape of unfamiliar, far away places, just like the one of Lampedusa, works as a mirror to reflect on ourselves. In that sense, Rosi’s landscape is a small universe. In that landscape, where the boy’s family and refugees are so disconnected, we can see how much the world is deficient. It is such deficiency that makes us sad. (LEE Yongcheol)

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