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The EIDF2019 has prepared events featuring the production crews of particularly pertinent and thought-provoking works, as well as experts from a wide range of fields, for in-depth discussions about the films and the world beyond. The topics are marriage, North Korea, and animals, and invite audiences for sessions of fun and engaging debate where they can learn to read documentaries as much as they watch them.

  • Talk 1 : What Are the Benefits of Marriage?

    Aug. 20(Tue) 18:30, following screening of Leftover Women
    Gurumare Theater
    Huh Namwoong (film critic)
    Shosh Shlam (Leftover Women, director), Nam Soona (Good-for-Nothing, director)
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    A Good Man

    Bob HERCULES, Gordon QUINN  |  USA  |  2011  |  86min  |  Under 12 not admitted

  • English service is not provided.