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EIDF2020 Industry Announcing the Winners

운영자  |  Hits 230  |  2020.08.21

Young Pitch 

Bright Future Award 

<To Be Myself> (Director: Yeonkyung Lim, Producer: Hyemin Ha)

New Vision Award

<Violinmaker, Joon> (Director: Sangwoo Kim) 

<The Long-Lost Painting> (Director: Ohyeon Kwon, Producer: Jun-min Kim) 


Industry Choice Award

<Mother Youngsoon> (Director: Changjun Lee, Producer: Junghoon Jang) 

Bright Future Award 

<Between the Mentality and the Brain> (Director: Hei Kim, Producer: Aran Bhang)

<The Night of the Factory girls> (Director: Geonhee Kim, Producer: Wonjae Song) 

New Vision Award 

<Maid’s Room> (Director: Yoora Hong) 

<Being a Politician for Dummies> (Director: Ilha Lee) 

H!-Docs Pitch 

Industry Choice Award (K-project) 

<My Missing Aunt> (Director: Juyeon Yang, Producer: Duhyun Ko, Sarah Kang) 

<Queer My Friends> (Director: Ahhyun Seo, Producer: Sarah Kang)

Industry Choice Award (A-project) 

<Mom of the Ring> (Director: Yue Wu, Producer:  Vincent Du) 

Bright Future Award   (K-project) 

<My Name is KIM> (Director: Sueun Jung) 

<Fourteen Masters> (Director: Minwon Seo, Producer: Hyemin Ha)

Bright Future Award   (A-project) 

<Touch the Colour> (Director: Baby Ruth Villarama, Producer: Gary Byung-seok Kam)

<Ayena (MIRROR)> (Director: Siddhant Sarin) 

EBS Prime Pitch 

Prime Choice Award 

<Merry go round> (Director: Jeonghwa Shin)

<Dragon Women> (Director: Frederique de Montblanc, Producer: Heejung Oh)

<Epic of a Stone> (Director: Sean Wang, Producer: Jia Zhao)

<The Hornbill Lady> (Director: Wasawan Rongdet, Producer: Yupa Rattanajan)