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EIDF Winners 2018: See the List

운영자  |  Hits 2586  |  2018.08.26
EIDF Winners 2018: See the List

The 2018 EIDF winners have been announced!

Gradn Prix
The Distant Barking of Dogs / Dir. Simon Lereng WILMONT

Documentary Goyang Award
Stronger Than a Bullet / Dir. Maryam EBRAHIMI

Special Jury Award
 Immortals in the Village / Dir. YU Guangyi

Audience Award 
Like a Rolling Stone / Dir. PARK So-hyun

World Vision Special Award 
Kids on the Silk Road / Dir. Jens J.V. PEDERSEN

[Mobile Shorts Competition]
First Prize
Fireworks / Dir. JEONG Han

Second Prize
One Day / Dir. YU Hyun-joung, JEONG Sae-byeol, KIM Set-byel
Not Forever / Dir. LEE Chae-young

[Global Pitching Academy]
Queer My Friends
I Wanna Give Bride
Endless, Nameless
My Missing Aunt
Penis Propaganda