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EIDF 2017 Surprise Screening

운영자  |  Hits 664  |  2017.08.17

EIDF 2017 Surprise Screening

Mighty Jerome

Mighty Jerome

Dir. Charles OFFICER 
Canada / 2010 / 84min / B&W + Color
[Film Rating]12  [Language] E



arthouse MOMO2 17:00  

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In 1959, at just 19, Harry Jerome was Canada's most promising track and field star on his way to the Olympics in Rome. By 1962, after suffering a gruesome leg injury, there was every reason to think that his racing days were over. But Jerome was not just a champion on the track; he was doubly determined off it.

Through years of unparalleled political turbulence, racial conflict and his own personal challenges, Harry Jerome kept his head down and ran, displaying strength of character and willful perseverance every bit as impressive as his record-setting athleticism.


From acclaimed filmmaker Charles Officer comes the story of the rise, fall and redemption of Harry Jerome, Canada's most record-setting track and field star. Gorgeous monochrome imagery, impassioned interviews and astonishing archival footage are used to tell the triumphant and compelling story of what Harry Jerome's own coach called "the greatest comeback in track and field history."