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EIDF 2018

우리는 멈추지 않는다
Documentary - Right to Fight

We’ll Never Stop Moving Forward Even without remembering the etymology of the word ‘documentary’ – which comes from the word ‘document’, which means ‘to record’ – there’s no doubt that documentaries function as mirrors that reflect our society and record people, relationships and other various facets of the world. Sometimes reinforcing our desperate cries and rights, and sometimes illuminating the darker sides of the society like a flame of hope, documentaries come alive with our sincere messages and realistic wishes. For the past 15 years, EIDF has done much to develop and expand the base of documentary filmmaking, always reflecting the spirit of the time along the way. Like an unstoppable steam train, the festival has tirelessly poured its effort and energy into the world of documentaries and thereby conveyed multiple voices. The purpose of EIDF is to make the world a better place and to build a brighter future through documentaries. This is precisely the reason why EIDF has never stopped marching forward for the past 15 years. Lest documentaries should ever lose their true significance, we’ll never stop moving forward.

The poster for the 15th EBS International Documentary Festival(EIDF) brings together previous participants and virtual images, thereby emphasizing the fact that we’ve been relentless moving in one direction for the past 15 years. The festival is the result of the collaborative efforts of various people, such as filmmakers, audiences, staff and volunteers. All art genres have their own value and significance, but documentaries present the most realistic portraits of the spirit and values of our time. In order to uphold social values and the meaning of our existence, many have consistently supported EIDF, and will continue to pursue the value of documentaries without ever stopping.

The 15th EBS International Documentary Film Festival
A partially competitive international documentary film festival
2018 Aug. 20th (Mon) - Aug. 26th (Sun)
Screening Venues
EBS Space Hall, LOTTE CINEMA Hongdae, MEGABOX Ilsan-Bellacitta, Spectacular Musical Fountain ( Ilsan Lake Park, Goyang City), CLINK
72 Films from 32 Countries, Broadcast on the EBS channel (during the festival)