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EIDF 2020

다시 일상으로 - 다큐, 내일을 꿈꾸다!
In Docs, Back to the Ordinary!

Never before have the small joys of everyday life seemed so precious. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, which has impacted countries all over world, we miss the ordinary moments in daily life more than ever. The damage and trauma caused by the global pandemic will have long-lasting effects. In late summer evenings, we would often go to the cinema and grab some fried chicken and beer afterwards. Will we be able to return to that kind of normality? First, let’s take a look at some messages of hope through the eyes of documentaries that capture life itself.

Due to the global pandemic that has impacted all aspects of life in 2020, many film festivals have gone online and “untact” has emerged as the latest buzzword. Experts have predicted that COVID-19 is not likely to end soon. However, as was the case with all other radical changes throughout the history of humankind, we will quickly adapt to the new normal. As people readily accept untact culture, documentaries—which have always reflected the zeitgeist—will embrace these fresh waves of change, fusing online and offline efforts in production, distribution, and exhibition in order to reach wider audiences. This year’s poster, filled with colorful images and lines, conceptually embodies this new current, bringing together online audiences of EIDF from different corners of the world.

The 17th EBS International Documentary Film Festival
A partially competitive international documentary film festival
Aug. 17(Mon) - Aug. 23(Sun), 2020