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EIDF 2017

다큐로 보는 세상
Plugging into the World

The earth we live in, there are people leading different lives and living with diverse thoughts and troubles. EIDF would like to share such diversities with the world this year, but our goal does not stop at just sharing. We look forward to seeing those thoughts and troubles turn into hopes when they are shared with the audience who empathize with them. Then those breakthroughs, which appear in the documentaries, can be the clues and keys to solve the issues we face. That is the world that EIDF dreams; the audience can meet the other side of the world by watching, empathizing and make actions.

We face the world with various angles through documentaries. The window of ‘EIDF’ in the poster embodies the gaze toward our present and future. There are education, technologies, cultures, and ever-changing contents where the gaze reaches. The various aspects of life over the window give us special guidance to lead creative lives. The background of this year’s poster is blue. As this color implies, the sharp and collected gaze, which discovers the mysteries hidden in our world along with new approaches, is a core value of documentaries. Furthermore, the attitude of actively coping with the upcoming future with this gaze is also the element that makes documentaries meaningful.

The 14th EBS International Documentary Film Festival
A partially competitive international documentary film festival
2017 Aug. 21st (Mon) - Aug. 27th (Sun)
Screening Venues
EBS Space Hall (Ilsan, Goyang-city), MEGABOX KINTEX, arthouse MOMO, Hanul Square (Ilsan Lake Park, Goyang City), Cheonggyecheon Hanbit Park
70 Films from 24 Countries, Broadcast on the EBS channel (during the festival)